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Genre: Country / Western / Outlaw Southern Rock
Originally From:  Gladys Ridge, Alberta

Based In: Gladys Ridge, Alberta
Inspired by: Colter Wall, Patsy Cline, Miranda Lambert, Corb Lund and Loretta Lynn.

Born beneath the big prairie sky of Southern Alberta, Lyndsay Butler is rural to her roots. You see that when she stands front and center on stage, with her ‘Wild Rose’ Smithbilt Hat, Art & Lutherie guitar, leather hand tooled strap, decked in turquoise with her voluminous long blonde hair. Butler is a seventh generation Albertan, deeply ingrained in the Canadian western way of life.  She embraces and shares her historic heritage through her music by writing and performing traditional, outlaw and southern rock songs that deliver her story and truth in each lyric, line and melody. Butler's voice has been compared to notable artists such as Patsy Cline and Miranda Lambert and her hard hitting, honest lyrics resemble an early Loretta Lynn.


As of August 17th, you got a double shot of Butler with two new singles released to digital streaming services. ‘Stalker Song’ and ‘Back Where You Belong’ are two unique takes on love and love gone wrong - very wrong! Co-produced by Butler and Aaron Young, these releases will be featured on her highly anticipated full-length debut album, "Prairie Rose," expected out later this Fall.


Earlier this summer, Butler released the first new single off, “Prairie Rose,” called, 'Prairie Settler Song,’ (June 2021). Written by Butler and Aaron Young, it’s one of many stories of her family settling in the Foothills of Alberta over 100 years ago.Since its release, it has gained popularity quickly, garnering over 12k spins on digital platforms and has been featured on several radio shows, podcasts and Instagram features across Canada.


Butler is proud of where she comes from and always connects her history and southern Alberta flair into her work, "I'm an advocate for the Canadian Western way of life. It's authentic to me, it's who I am. I grew up in the prairies and have continued to embed myself into that western feeling. I write songs from my heart and from my grass rooted life experiences."


Highlights throughout Butler's career include being chosen as a Top 12 participant in Alberta’s Project WILD (2019). Prior to that, she released two songs to streaming services and Canadian Radio, 'I'll Drive The Truck' (2017) and 'Gravel Road' (2015). She was the winner of the Global Country Star Search (2014), crowned The Calgary Stampede Nashville North Star (2013) and won Ranchman’s Rising Star Award (2012). She's opened for Top Canadian Country Recording Artists, George Canyon, Aaron Pritchett, Bobby Wills and Meghan Patrick.


Away from the stage and songwriting, you will find Butler with her dogs, in her backyard surrounded by agriculture, ranching, teaching vocal lessons and viewing a beautiful rocky mountain skyline.


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